Paver Surfacing & Coating

Driveway Paving Chesapeake VA is your one-stop-shop for high-quality asphalt paving and seal coating services, including everything from driveways to parking lots.

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Top Rated Paver Resurfacing & Coating

You may rely on us to handle a wide range of residential and commercial projects because we have many years of industry experience behind us.

Paver Surfacing Services

For many years, residents and business owners in the area have counted on our paving contractor to provide them with asphalt paving services that are completed quickly and efficiently. We take care of everything, from new installations to resurfacing operations, at prices you can afford. We can even make your parking lot handicap accessible if that would be more convenient for you.

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Paver Surfacing & Coating Services

Sealing And Protecting

Your asphalt is a long-term financial commitment. With seal coating services from Driveway Paving Chesapeake VA you can keep your driveway free of damage and cracks for years to come. Striping services are also provided for parking lots and disabled parking lots with 2 per cent graded ramps, for your convenience.

No matter if you need small repairs to a sports court or a completely new asphalt driveway paved, we are here to meet all of your demands! All of our asphalt paving solutions include our guarantee of quality, workmanship, meticulous attention to detail and a dedication to your complete satisfaction.

In addition to decreasing the impacts of discolouration from exposure to the elements, sealing your concrete pavers decreases the amount of effort required from you for maintenance.

The professionals at Driveway Paving Chesapeake VA can provide high-quality paver sealing services for your new patio or for existing pavers that need a little TLC.

To ensure that it is done effectively, paver sealing should be performed by specialists with the appropriate experience and equipment. Driveway Paving Chesapeake VA is some of the few accredited and licenced applicators of Dry-Treat and Aqua Mix sealing materials. These well-known firms’ products are included in our broad variety of deep impregnating, penetrating sealers that will provide the finest possible protection for your paver surfaces. Speak with one of our knowledgeable sealing specialists now, and we will help you determine the best options for providing the most comprehensive protection for your concrete surfaces.

Maintain The Integrity Of Your Pavers

All of the many varieties of concrete pavers that we see in homes and businesses all around Chesapeake VA can benefit immensely from the services provided by our expert and experienced surface sealing technicians. After all, we are one of Chesapeake VA’s leading paver care specialists, and we can aid you in extending the lifespan of your pavers.

We wish to give you the greatest possible service every time you come into contact with one of our representatives. Ultimately, we want to be as responsive and proactive as possible in responding to your needs, predicting what will be necessary and minimising business downtime.

Quality And Safety Are Crucial For Us

We pay close attention to the minor but vitally essential elements that have the greatest impact on the overall quality, long-term performance, and longevity of the product. We’re artisans who believe that there’s minimal space for error in all we do, which includes continual education in best practices and industry standards as well as rigorous, on-site training. Throughout the project, our crew remains watchful, keeping an eye out for the safety and protection of consumers, tenants, and property owners.

We use third-party independent testing to assure consistency throughout all of our work, which is especially important on larger assignments. Best practices, in our opinion, should always be followed by the general public. Planning, communication, monitoring, quality assurance, and safety are all meticulously documented and strictly adhered to under strict supervision.

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