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Paving driveways is what we specialize in.

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Paving driveways is the specialty of the company. For more than 30 years, we have paved concrete and asphalt driveways in and around the Norfolk, VA area. Hundreds of local homeowners and businesses have relied on us for construction services. We know how important it is for people to have good looking driveways. After learning about their expectations, we get to work building their dream driveway. Anyone coming to your property will immediately notice your driveway, whether it is a residential or commercial one. Having a poorly maintained driveway reflects badly on you. The old, damaged, and broken driveways would no longer worry you. Furthermore, we can repair existing driveways as well as install new ones. In the event your driveway needs to be completely replaced, we can dig it up and reinstall it. Whatever type of paving you need in Norfolk, VA,
we can assist you.

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Services We Provide

Driveway Sealcoating In Norfolk, VA

Your driveway may look ugly and old, but it may also pose a safety risk if it has cracks, potholes, and rough areas. People can trip and fall on damaged driveways, resulting in severe injuries to drivers. To all damage at the Norfolk, VA, a sealcoat will be applied. Repairing and hiding damage with sealcoats is known as sealcoating. The resurfacing process completely transforms your driveway after sealing it.

Driveway Repair In Norfolk, VA

We will repair any driveway type. A damaged driveway will be inspected by our experts. The price and time required for them to repair your driveway will vary. When you repair your driveway, you are able to use it immediately without having to make any repairs. Driveway Paving Chesapeake VA provides reliable driveway repair services. Our quality repair will extend the life of your driveway by several years.

Driveway Resurfacing In Norfolk, VA

Concrete is poured over top of a paved driveway during resurfacing. Resurfacing will make your driveway look like new, and it will eliminate minor issues, uneven surfaces, and discoloration. Resurfacing with the most advanced solution preserves the new look of your driveway for as long as possible.

Commercial & Residential Paving In Norfolk, VA

We provide complete driveway paving services for residential and commercial clients. People often contact us when they need paving services done on their residential or commercial property.

Why Choose Us

  • To help our clients maximize their investment returns is our mission.
  • Generally, we are timely and complete the work within the expected time frame.
  • Since we only work with the best materials, you can rest assured the quality of the products will not be compromised.
  • Our company has provided quality paving work for our clients and repaired their driveways again and again in the past.
  • Whenever you have a question, we answer it patiently and with excellence.


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